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Storm Damaged Trees – Steps to Take After the Storm Hits

tree storm damaged

tree storm damaged

If a storm has made its way through your community, assessing the damage to your property is a must. However, you could be putting yourself in even more danger if not done safely. No matter what amount of tree damage has occurred, it can feel overwhelming. Here’s what you should do after a storm has caused damage.

Step 1. Look for Hazards Before Doing Any Tree Removal

Damaged trees can often be tangled in downed utility wires. Under no circumstances should you touch or go near them! If there isn’t any immediate danger from electrical lines, the first thing you need to do is make sure there are no potential safety hazards.

Step 2. Assess the Damage

The damage to a tree is often minor with only the smallest branches injured. With the help of a certified arborist, take your time to decide which trees you can save or should remove. Factor in the tree’s age, species, location, and sentimental value. Just know that sometimes a tree cannot be saved, or just isn’t worth it.

Step 3. Have a Tree Removal Service Handle the Cleanup

After a storm, it is common for non-certified people to knock on your door offering tree cleanup services. They are notorious for recommending tree topping, an unhealthy tree-trimming practice. The knowledgeable arborists at Omni Tree Service can help you.

Step 4. Prevent Future Tree Damage

You can reduce your risk of damage from future storms by planning ahead. Getting the help of a certified arborist is the best way to protect against potential storm damage.

For more information, read our blog “How to Prepare Trees for Tornadoes and Storms.”

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