Tree Injections with Deflowering Agents

When trees such as the sweetgum, crabapple, hickory, and oak are in bloom, they can produce flowers, fruits, nuts, and seeds that can become a nuisance to your property. Having your trees injected with a deflowering agent is a possible solution that can help you avoid the hassle of cleaning up spiky gumballs and other debris littering your property. The tree service professionals at Omni Tree Service can inspect your trees and determine if a deflowering injection is the right solution.


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What are Deflowering Agents?

Not only are “nuisance fruit” annoying to have on your property, but they also have the potential to be a hazard when they fall on walkways, driveways, and other areas in a landscape. Many homeowners have no idea that there are applications that can offer a solution to this problem.

Instead of jumping to drastic measures such as removing the healthy tree that is dropping debris on your lawn, you can treat the tree with a deflowering agent. Deflowering agents abort seed production at the source and tree injections with deflowering agents can help prevent seeds from growing if applied at the right time.

How Trees are Injected With Deflowering Agents

  1. The certified arborists at Omni Tree will inspect the trees on your property to ensure they can withstand a tree injection.
  2. A series of small holes are drilled into the tree’s trunk, closer to the base.
  3. The deflowering injection is inserted.
  4. The chemicals will be injected directly into the tree, allowing them to be taken up into all of the tree’s tissues.

What Deflowering Tree Injections Prevent

If done at the right time, a deflowering injection will kill emerging flowers, preventing them from being pollinated and creating fruit. If your trees produce any of the following, they may be a good candidate for a deflowering injection:

  • Gumballs
  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Seeds
  • Flowers
  • Acorns

Benefits of Deflowering Agent Injections

If you don’t want to have to move your vehicle out from under trees that produce nuts or if you are tired of cleaning up the tree debris that litters your yard every year, a deflowering tree injection is just what you need!

Deflowering tree injections will:

  • Reduce the nuisances from trees on your property, giving you a better-looking yard
  • Cause premature death of developing flowers
  • Cause no negative effects to foliage or overall tree health
  • Eliminate your frustration from the back-breaking work of tree debris removal
  • Reduce the need to have a healthy tree removed

St. Louis Tree Injection Services

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