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What Are Trees Worth?

tree value st louis

tree value st louis

If you think about the value of trees, you might think about the smaller benefits of having them, such as making your yard look nice or providing shade on a hot summer. But did you know that trees have a dollar value of their own?

Yes, you can put a monetary value on trees even after a tree has been taken down in an emergency, such as after a storm or high winds. You may even be able to recapture your loss through an insurance claim or as a deduction from your federal income tax.

How Can I Find Out What My Trees Are Worth?

Want to know the value of your trees? A tree care professional can use industry guidelines to determine their worth. These guidelines have been widely adopted in the field and are recognized by insurance companies, the courts, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in most cases when looking to claim a loss.

Most people might not be aware that in addition to the aesthetic functions of trees, they also serve a less obvious function that contributes to their value such as:

Claiming Loss or Damage to Trees

The IRS defines a casualty loss as “a loss resulting from an identifiable event of sudden, unexpected, or unusual nature.” If vandalism, a vehicle accident, or a storm suddenly destroys your tree, this may qualify as a casualty lost.

To determine if you can claim a tree’s value in a loss, you should first consult your homeowner’s insurance policy to determine the amount and kind of coverage you have. The insurance company will be able to have an appraisal made by a competent tree and landscape professional who will factor the following into his or her evaluation:

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