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Why Plant Health Care Services Are Important

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Numerous factors such as an absence of integral soil microorganisms, turf competition, inadequate drainage, a lack of organic matter, and compaction can negatively affect tree growth in planted landscapes. These issues are made even worse because of more unpredictable weather resulting in droughts or floods along with general warming, as well as an increase in diseases and pests.

With so many potential hazards to trees and other plants, health care services are crucial to maintaining a wide range of plants. The certified arborists at Omni Tree Service are committed to providing preventative care, treatments, and expert guidance for any plant health-related issues.

What Is Plant Health Care?

Plant health care is a method of providing proper care for trees, shrubs, and other plants in landscape settings. Ultimately, its function is similar to that of human health management, using preventative care, early detection, and active treatment to keep plants healthy and prolong their life. A good plant health care program uses several strategies and treatments to maintain plant health, including biological control, cultural health care methods, and pest and tree disease control prevention. Some specific treatments could include tree injections, customized fertilizer blends, and others.

The following are some of the key reasons why you should have an effective plant health care program in place.

Preventative Care

Like human health care, tree care involves preventative measures that keep plants healthy before they have a chance to develop problems. Preventative care also helps make maintaining your plants more cost-effective and efficient, preventing the need to treat existing conditions.

Through periodic tree assessments that take a look at the plants and their environment, our professionals will be able to diagnose any existing plant health issues and identify any risks that could cause problems to develop later. Based on these assessments, your plant health care specialist will then be able to determine which treatment and control method will work best for your plants.

Early Detection

Whether there are early signs of damage from pests such as emerald ash borers or a tree disease in its early stages, our plant health experts will be able to spot potential risk factors and take steps to mitigate the damage. Early detection is key to stopping any issue in its tracks and restoring your plants well before the damage is irreversible.

Treatment and Management

Depending on the problem identified, there are certain treatments available to help keep your trees and shrubs in good condition.

Some of the treatments that can help manage and treat your plants could include:

  • Tree injections 
  • Spring fertilization 
  • Dormant oil that eliminates overwintering pests
  • Foliar spray that provides trees with nutrients and eliminates pests 

Regular management and care for your trees through professional plant health services can make sure your plants can thrive year-round!

Tree Services in St. Louis, MO

When you work with our certified arborists, you can count on quick diagnosis and treatment of any plant health issues. If you would like reliable plant health care services in St. Louis, MO for your trees, shrubs, or other plants, contact Omni Tree Service today!

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