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St. Louis, MO Crane and Bucket Truck Services

Taking care of tall trees or resolving issues high up calls for specialized equipment. Omni Tree in St. Louis, MO has the right equipment to resolve your issues and reach new heights, whether you need help with tree trimming or removal.


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Large trees can be a gorgeous addition to a property. However, they can also prove to be a nuisance if maintenance is not properly executed.

Homeowners trust Omni Tree to help with large tree maintenance using bucket trucks and cranes to address issues such as:

  • Tree trimming in hard to reach places
  • Tree care for dead or damaged trees such as after storms or bad weather like severe snow
  • Careful attention to tree maintenance near power lines or landscape features such as buildings and fences that pose to be obstacles for traditional tree maintenance

Our experienced arborists can safely remove large trees whenever necessary, keeping the safety of their crew and others in the area at the forefront of their minds. We take great care in checking our equipment and following safety protocol so that our crew members can get home safely after a job well done.


Crane and Bucket Truck Services

Taking care of tree maintenance or tree removal on your own can be dangerous, particularly if the tree is very tall. The high canopy can be difficult and unsafe to access without proper equipment and training. Do not attempt to climb your tree to cut down a tree limb or take care of branches that need a trim.

You not only put yourself at risk but the tree as well, as the proper cuts are critical to the tree’s health. Only a certified arborist with proper equipment should take care of tree trimming. A crane or bucket truck can be brought in to safely transport a crew member to a high spot so they can get the job done.

One of the other reasons people use services involving cranes and bucket trucks to care for trees is to avoid using heavy trucks that could damage their property. Some heavy trucks involved in landscaping or tree maintenance can leave noticeable marks such as divots in the ground or damage to flower beds.

If you prefer the landscaping crew reach new heights without damaging the work done below, closer to the surface, then employing cranes and buckets is the way to go! When you call Omni Tree, ask us about cranes and bucket trucks. Our skilled team will assess your needs and bring in equipment that can do more than the traditional ladder and safety harness if the situation calls for it.

Our crew is skilled at emergency services, moving heavy tree limbs cut down for maintenance or tree takedown slowly and safely using the latest equipment. Don’t worry about damage to structures around your home; let us take care of the trees and keep everyone safe in every step of the process.


Contact Our Large Tree Maintenance Arborists

For help with tree limbs in high canopies and for removal or trimming that is safe, efficient, swift, and cost-effective, look no further than Omni Tree service. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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