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Tree Injection for Pest Control

One single tree in your yard or acres of woods on your property can all be affected by invasive insects. Insecticides are the most environmentally sound way to achieve pest and insect control in trees. Our team of professional, certified arborists at Omni Tree Service can evaluate your trees and apply the right pest injection to regain the health and beauty of your yard!


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What is a Tree Injection?

Tree injection for pest control is a method of applying insecticides into trees to protect them against pests and insects. Tree injections have become popular because the application is more precise and leaves a minimal impact on the environment. The chemical is put directly into the tree where it is picked up only by the insects feeding on the tree — not by people, wildlife, beneficial insects, or other non-target organisms, which creates a safer, more efficient way of managing tree health.

How Trunk Injections Work

Plants absorb insecticides and transport the chemical’s ingredients throughout its tissues. Injecting your trees with specially formulated treatments can fight off invading organisms and protect your trees from future invasions.

Here is how tree injections control insects:

  1. In tree injections, insecticides are placed beneath the bark and into the tree’s water-conducting system.
  2. With transpiration (the process of water movement through a plant), the water carrying the insecticide moves upward with the flow of sap.
  3. The water reaches aerial parts (leaves, stems, flowers, etc.) and evaporates.
  4. The insecticide is left to become concentrated in the shoots and leaves.
  5. Chewing and sucking insects that feed on young shoots and leaves are exposed to the insecticide chemicals.

Injections are more effective with a lower placement on the tree (compared to higher) because it allows for the insecticide to spread sideways in the tree’s trunk at a greater distance before diverting off into the branches.

Advantages of Tree Injections

  • Quick and Easy – An Omni Tree arborist can quickly apply the insecticide with the simple trunk injection process. Unlike sprays and oils, inclement weather will not affect the ability to apply the insecticide.
  • Safe – Since the chemical is injected directly into the tree, people and wildlife will not be exposed to the chemicals and the tree will get the precise dose it needs.
  • Long-term Protection – Insecticide injections work throughout the tree’s trunk and branches, offering a long-lasting solution.
  • Eco-friendly – The trunk injection method is completely safe to use near bodies of water parks, playgrounds, golf courses, etc. because the solution is sealed inside of the tree.

Common Invasive Insects

The invasive species that threaten Missouri trees that you should be on the lookout for are:

  • Emerald ash borer (beetle)
  • The walnut twig beetle
  • Asian longhorned beetle
  • Pine shoot beetle
  • Gypsy moth

If you think your trees may be infested with these invasive organisms, our certified arborists can perform a full evaluation of your trees and decide on the best plan of attack for efficient bug control.

Pest Control Tree Services St. Louis, MO

Don’t let your trees suffer from insect and pest infestations any longer! To receive expert St. Louis tree pest control, call Omni Tree Service at 636-324-2101 or contact us today!

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