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Deep Root Tree Fertilization Injections St. Louis, MO

One of the single most effective interventions that a homeowner can provide for trees on their land is deep root fertilization, a process through which key nutrients are delivered deeper and more richly than your landscaped environment can provide. Our team of professional, certified arborists at Omni Tree Service can evaluate your trees and apply the right deep root fertilization injection to regain the health and beauty of your yard!


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What is Needed for a Healthy Tree?

Many homeowners assume that because trees in the wild survive without any human intervention that the trees on their land will do the same. What they do not realize is that mature trees found in the wilderness are the result of decades of ideal conditions which allowed that tree to reach its current state. Simply put, a seedling must find itself in a near-perfect environment to even begin the process of reaching maturity, and for every fully mature tree, there are countless others that died earlier in their life cycle. An ideal placing under the overhead canopy which allows light and water to reach the tree, nutrient-dense soil, and the absence of competing plants are all necessary components for a tree to thrive.

A tree in the wilderness also has the ability to make small but important changes to its immediate environment to bolster its chances of survival. For example, some of a wild tree’s own fallen leaves will be converted into ground nutrients that it can then reabsorb—a process that is impossible in a landscaped environment where fallen leaves are removed. Your trees also need to compete with more thick, nutrient-hungry landscaped grass than trees in the wild.

Without human intervention, there simply may not be enough ground nutrients to meet all of your plants’ needs. Thankfully, there are tree fertilization services available to homeowners which allow them to provide their trees with the same hospitable environment a healthy, mature wild tree has at its disposal.

Benefits of Deep Root Tree Fertilization

In deep root tree fertilization, a hollow pipe is inserted into the soil and a custom blend of fertilizer is delivered under pressure in a grid pattern allowing the nutrients to reach as much of the root system as possible. The depth at which the pipe is inserted, the composition of the fertilizer blend, and the distance between nutrient deposits are decided by our tree care experts who can provide insight into your tree’s unique needs.

Deep root tree fertilization creates a number of immediate and lasting benefits:

  • Nutrients reach much deeper into your tree’s root system than through surface fertilization, maximizing its ability to absorb needed nitrogen, phosphorous, and/or potassium
  • Sections of your tree’s root system that have absorbed all of the nutrients in their immediate environment are rejuvenated
  • Grass, topsoil, and subsoil are aerated, allowing for better dispersion and absorption of future nutrients and water

How To Tell If Trees Need Deep Root Fertilization?

Only a certified arborist can identify if and when a tree requires deep root tree fertilization, though there are a few visible signs which may alert a homeowner that their trees are in need of service.

Trees predominantly display stress and unhealthy conditions through their leaves. If your tree’s leaves become yellow or discolored outside of the fall or much earlier in the season than other trees, you should strongly consider consulting the tree care experts at Omni Tree Service.

If your tree is still relatively young and growing, keep an eye on the annual growth of its shoots. If new shoots grow less than half a foot per year or suddenly stop growing entirely, it is more than likely that your tree is lacking nutrients.

And of course, if you see visible decay or dieback you should consult our tree care experts who can also help you rule out disease or destructive insects.

Deep Root Tree Fertilization Services St. Louis, MO

If you have concerns about the health of your trees or simply want to ensure their long-term health, call 636-324-2101 to speak to the certified arborists at Omni Tree Service in St. Louis, MO, or contact us today. Our professional team will help you identify the best treatment plan for your trees and deliver effective, customized services to meet their unique needs!

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