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Tree Disease Treatment St. Louis, MO

Diseased trees not only look bad on your property, but they can also be a very big hazard. If you don’t want to remove the whole tree, then call a certified arborist who can be your bonafide tree doctor! Omni Tree Service can diagnose the problem and prescribe the right treatment to get your tree back to its healthy and vibrant self!


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Tree Disease Diagnosis

Have you noticed your tree looking a little under the weather? The problem might be some sort of tree disease– but the question is, which one? To answer that question, first, you have to know that there are two broad categories of tree disease: infectious and noninfectious.

Infectious tree diseases are when there is presence of a disease-causing microorganism. These include viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

Noninfectious tree diseases, on the other hand, are when an environmental stress makes it more likely for a disease to develop. These include temperature extremes, pollutants, vandalism, fluctuations in moisture in the air, and nutrient deficiencies. Noninfectious diseases are more common in trees, accounting for up to 90% of plant problems in urban areas.

Now that you know the types of diseases, you can look for the signs! Proactive monitoring of your tree goes a long way in the early detection of problems, effectively preventing your tree from falling. Both infectious and noninfectious have similar symptoms that the normal person will be able to see so that they may call a tree care professional.

Signs of Tree Disease

  • Thinning canopy — If your tree normally grows a thick, lush canopy of leaves but in the spring and summer it seems to be thinning, then it could have something to do with an infectious or noninfectious disease. Look out for completely bare branches!
  • Undersized, discolored, or spotty leaves — Take a close look at your leaves. If they look different than normal for that time of year, you might want to have a professional come and look at them.
  • Trunk damage — Trunk damage can come in the form of vertical cracks or marks in which no tree bark grows.
  • Dead wood — You can discern whether the wood of your trunk or branches is dead by if it looks dry and lifeless and if it feels brittle.
  • Decay — Fungi like mushrooms and wood conchs can be a sign that there is internal rotting of the tree.

While both noninfectious and infectious diseases have similar symptoms, it is important to distinguish between the two in order to come up with the right treatment and save the tree.

Tree Disease Treatment Experts

Tree diseases are oftentimes difficult to even notice with the untrained eye, much less even more difficult to diagnose. If you think you have seen any of the above symptoms, then you need to call a professional to make sure.

Omni Tree Service’s certified arborists will come in to perform a full inspection and assessment of your tree. After doing so, we will be able to take any samples back to our facility for testing and give you the most accurate diagnosis possible. We can provide a variety of tree disease treatment options that range from sprays to injections, which are all protective measures to stop any fungus development or rot. This also should be done by a professional as it can be dangerous handling those materials and we already have everything needed!

Just call the tree doctors! Omni Tree Service experts can determine whether all it needs is spray or if the whole tree needs to come down. We offer a free estimate to customers in the St. Louis area. Contact us and our tree doctors can diagnose and cure your tree, today!

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