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Custom-Blended Fertilizers St. Louis, MO

One way to continue keeping trees healthy for years to come is to use fertilizers designed for their needs. Omni Tree Service is pleased to offer a deep root feed that is slow release to enhance tree vitality!


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Why Use A Deep Root Feed with Trees?

Healthy trees live longer, produce robust foliage, and contribute positively in ways big and small to the environment. One way to continue keeping them healthy for years to come is to use fertilizers designed for their needs.

Omni Tree Service in St. Louis provides a deep root feed that is slow release for customers throughout the region looking to keep trees in excellent condition for years to come. In addition to other tree services such as tree trimming, this feed provides the right nutrients to keep your trees standing tall.

Unlike the soil your trees are usually accustomed to, a deep root feed can have adjusted pH levels and additional organic matter that helps with plant growth. This can be especially useful when you have a newly planted tree or one that is experiencing health issues.

This can also provide missing nutrients the soil lacks, such as nitrogen to boost growth and health. While you may think that a planted tree will be fine without maintenance, in truth it will thrive with proper care. Runoff can wash away some soil nutrients like nitrogen over time, so it is important to replace it when you are able so that you can make the most of your plant’s growth.

A certified arborist can make sure your tree is getting the adequate amount of nutrients, and if they find that your tree is not, a custom fertilizer blend may be just what you need to help!

Using Mulch as Fertilizer for Trees

Depending on your tree’s need, you may be able to use mulch—a common blend of wood chips, fertilizer, compost, and pine needles—as a fertilizer.

However, a word of caution: be sure to spread the mulch rather than pile it up at the base of the tree. Putting too much moist mulch at the plant’s base can cause problems. This occurs more often with small trees and shrubs, but it is best practice not to create a “mulch mountain” or “mulch volcano” when putting down mulch around any plant.

Using mulch can be beneficial for several reasons such as:

  • Eliminate competition for nutrients between the tree roots and other plants, such as grass or other ground covers
  • Reduce or eliminate the possibility of damage from mowers and trimmers
  • Maximize soil moisture
  • Moderate soil temperature, which is especially useful in extreme climates and seasons
  • Suppress weed growth (versus the usual growth that occurs without mulch)
  • Improve organic content matter in the soil

Tree Treatment Options

In addition to fertilizers, other types of tree maintenance will help them thrive. Regular tree trimming can keep branches and limbs in good working order, and tree injections can also provide fertilization from the inside out. A certified arborist can work with you to find the best tree care options for the species of trees you have and for the season you are planning on having tree maintenance performed. Regular care can help you avoid disasters and keep trees healthy for longer.

Contact Our St. Louis, MO Certified Arborists

For help with blended fertilizers and other types of tree care maintenance, contact Omni Tree Service today!

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