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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Caring for trees is what we do! Whether you want assistance shaping a smaller tree or maintenance with a larger one, Omni Tree Service, Inc. can help!

Our certified arborists and dedicated staff can help you trim trees no matter the season, and we work with you to provide tree care service your residence or business needs to continue looking great year-round.


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Tree Trimming Services

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree for safety reasons or declining health. Large tree removals can be hazardous. Large limbs and tree trunks are extremely heavy and need to be lowered in a controlled manner to protect the property and its occupants.

Tree Trimming can serve two purposes: hazard reduction and preventative maintenance. Hazard reduction rids a tree of branches that might compromise the structural integrity or might be an accident waiting to happen. Maintenance describes the regular care of trees to keep them happy and healthy.

At Omni Tree Service, we know how important your trees are to your property’s value and provide consistent, high-quality tree care services for properties large and small. No matter if you have a smaller tree that needs attention or a large tree requiring heavy-duty equipment, we care of your trees like they are our own.

What Goes Into Tree Trimming?

At Omni Tree Service, we have different teams that specialize in different types of tree work. There are many different types of trimming and trimming terms we use when caring for trees. Take a look at some of the common services we provide below.

  • Raising: Refers to removal or trimming of lower limbs to elevate the canopy. This allows for better visibility to the house or backyard and can increase sunlight to the lawn, allowing for better grass growth.
  • Deadwooding: A term that describes the removal of dead and broken limbs. Deadwooding is very important to prevent future decay and allows trees to heal over dead areas.
  • Pruning and shaping: The shaping of smaller ornamental trees for aesthetics and uniformity. Pruning and shaping trees on a property gives it order and is a great service to utilize when the property is for sale or you want to give it an upscale look.
  • Crown Reduction: This tree service is done to reduce the weight of limbs to prevent future damage to the tree or property. Crown reduction will enhance the overall appearance of the tree and increase the chances for the tree to go straight and healthy. This should not be confused for tree topping which we do not recommend.
  • Selective Trimming: The removal of crossover and overcrowding of limbs. Selective trimming allows for healthy future growth and enhances the tree’s branch structure. Over thinning or lion-tailing is very dangerous, especially in pin oaks. Selection trimming should only be down by a trained professional. One such example of selective trimming, collar cuts, allows us to remove larger limbs and still keep the tree’s integrity. Doing a collar cut prevents the cut limb from peeling, as opposed to flush cuts which damage trunk wood and expose the trunk to disease and decay.
  • Shrub Trimming: This is done to control the size and shape of shrubs. Shrub trimming is important to keep shrubs uniform with the desired aesthetic look.

Contact Our Tree Trimming Team

Tree maintenance can make your trees more aesthetically pleasing and keep them healthy long-term. Contact Omni Tree Service today at 636-391-9944 to schedule your appointment!

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