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Large Tree Maintenance Services St. Louis, MO

Homeowners and business owners with large trees depend on Omni Tree to trim and maintain their trees, keeping them safe and healthy for years to come!


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Tree Services for Large Trees

The height and width of trees varies by species, climate, and a number of factors, but large trees are generally trees that are 70 inches, or close to six feet tall according to the sizing guide on the Arbor Day website. Taller plants have different needs than shorter plants, such as different needs for nutrients and regular maintenance.

If you have a large tree to maintain or simply have concerns about its growth pattern, choosing a certified arborist to inspect your trees is a necessity.

Some common problems you might experience if you have large trees on your property include:

  • Potential to grow into dangerous areas, such as near power lines or homes
  • Higher risk of lightning strikes since lightning is more likely to hit taller objects
  • Difficulty trimming hard to reach areas in top of crown
  • Potential dangers and risk of limbs falling from upper canopy, putting anyone on the ground at risk for serious injury (including death)

Take a look at other services we provide our customers who want to keep large trees looking their best!

Large Tree Trimming

Omni Tree provides the heavy duty equipment necessary to maintain tall, broad trees. We have cranes and bucket trucks available to reach the highest tops of trees to complete tree trimming whenever you need it, such as performing crown reduction, deadwooding, and selective trimming.

Tree Removal Services for Large Trees

Occasionally property owners may find themselves making difficult decisions about their trees—namely whether or not they need to have them removed. This can be a sensitive topic for many people, as greenery like trees can carry treasured memories of times gone by, such as if the tree is on the property of a family member who has passed away. However, for the safety of those living near and visiting a property where an aging tree is planted, a hard decision to remove a tree might have to take place.

If your large tree is older and has problems such as mold growth, lightning marks, branches that appear to have stopped producing fruits, or other common tree problems, it might be time to consider tree removal services.

Large Tree Cabling and Bracing

Over time, it may become necessary to use cables or braces to prevent tree takedown before a tree’s health has improved. If you have an older tree—and most larger trees are older—and want to strengthen it to withstand harsh weather conditions you anticipate, such as wind and snow, you might need our tree cabling and bracing services.

Other services for trees of any size include:

Contact St. Louis, MO Certified Arborists

Trust your large trees and their care to us! Contact Omni Tree today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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