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Tree Injections St. Louis, MO

When you want an effective way to proactively prevent tree diseases, as well as treat current insect or disease problems, then Omni Tree in St. Louis, MO has what you need! We offer tree injections to safely and efficiently improve your tree’s health for all of our customers in the surrounding area.


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Tree Maintenance Using Tree Injections

Tree injections can provide the following type of maintenance for a tree, depending on your goals and the tree’s health:

One major benefit most homeowners love about tree injections is that they are safe for trees as well as anyone who might be near them, such as children or pets. After a tree injection is done, you don’t need to keep your kids or dogs and cats indoors; they can still occupy outdoor spaces near the tree without worrying about chemicals or pesticides.

Types of Tree Injections

Different types of tree injections serve different purposes, so it is important to understand the differences so you can plan for what you need.

Although trees often stay healthy with the proper soil, sun exposure, and water for their conditions, there is always the possibility that various insects and diseases may impede the tree’s growth and overall health. In Missouri, the emerald ash borer, for example, is a common pest that only attacks ash trees and can lead to degradation or even the death of a tree.

In order to treat this type of tree pest, along with many others, you might try methods that only treat the outside of the tree. However, using tree injections provides tree care from the inside out using safe chemicals that work their way up the tree root and into the trunk and branches.

Additionally, tree injections can provide fertilizer with nutrients the tree might be lacking. Fertilizer injections can improve tree health and promote growth. If you notice your tree is not producing leaves or fruits as it should, fertilizer tree injections might be a good option.

Your certified arborist is knowledgeable about the various types of tree injections available and can provide a recommendation for what’s best for your situation. We work with Arborjet products which provide some of the highest quality chemicals and treatments for trees on the market.

Tree Injection Consultation Process

Once you contact Omni Tree and schedule your appointment, our arborists will come to your yard and inspect the trees. From there, they will determine the best course of action and provide a quote for the tree treatment. Pricing varies for tree injections depending on how many are needed per tree; the number of tree injections often depends on the circumference of the tree. Larger trees often require more injections and are more time-intensive.

Contact Our Certified Arborists in St. Louis, MO

Take your tree maintenance to the next level with tree injections from Omni Tree! Contact us today to learn more.

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