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Tree Cabling and Bracing St. Louis, MO

If you begin to notice a tree in your yard that looks unbalanced, unstable, or unsustainable, call Omni Tree Service! Cabling and bracing is a great way to protect your property or family without having to remove the tree entirely. Our certified arborists are specially trained to identify and treat trees that are potentially dangerous. Contact us today to come and check out your tree!


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Why Tree Cabling and Bracing?

A tree on your property that has been there for longer than the house itself can be a treasured piece of history. That old tree is not just a part of your property, but part of your home. However, while old trees are beautiful and soaring, they can also pose a potentially serious problem.

When high-stress situations affect the tree, a large limb or branch may come crashing down which can damage your property or worse, hurt someone. When you don’t want to remove the whole tree but worry about its structural integrity, it might still be saved by cabling and bracing.

Omni Tree Service offers comprehensive tree bracing and cabling services to strengthen them to withstand harsh weather conditions like wind and snow. These services help in the prevention of limbs and branches falling by balancing the weight between a weak branch and a strong one. In particular, we treat trees that have structural damage or V-Crotches.

V-Crotches occur when a tree forms two stems with a very tight narrow space between the two and can make the tree unbalanced and topheavy, ready to collapse with even just a stiff wind. Cabling and bracing can also help in the restoration of trees and improve their longevity, which means you can enjoy them with your family for years to come!

Tree Cabling

Tree cabling is when flexible and high-strength steel cables are attached by bolts to the upper crown of the tree. They are intended to support the tree’s structure, which is usually where there is a high risk of failure. Limiting excessive movement, especially during harsh weather, mitigates the hazard it inflicts.

Your tree cabling should be visually inspected every other year, and you should have a professional tree care expert come out every four years to climb up and examine the cabling’s durability and make any adjustments if necessary.

Tree Bracing

Tree bracing is when thread rods are installed between weak branches and stems to provide substantial holding power. This is usually done for trees that already have structural damages that compromise their integrity.

For example, if your tree has signs of cracking, splitting or v-crotches, bracing might be your option. A tree that has these failures but is not completely damaged might be saved with bracing because it can help prevent further cracking and reduces the risk of the weak branches falling.

Contact Us

If you have a tree that is old and you feel might be in danger, contact our certified arborists. Weak limbs or other threats may not be obvious to the untrained eye, so our experts can properly identify and diagnose your tree problems by looking at things like the bark or stems of the tree for signs of weakness. They take into account the many different variables that affect your tree and give you the best set of options; whether it needs cabling or bracing or just needs a simple tree trimming, we can do it all!

Tree cabling and bracing can be a very dangerous process that requires a professional for your own safety. Contact Omni Tree Service today to have us come and look at your tree!

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