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Certified Arborist with Commercial Applicators License

Caring for Your Plant Health

Healthy trees mean beautiful trees, and like everything else worth caring for, trees need attention to remain robust and strong. Proper tree or plant health care, including preventative measures, proper tree nutrition and fertilizer, and treatments to protect trees against pests and diseases, can ensure that your trees remain healthy for years to come! 

Omni Tree Service can help.


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Tree Health Care – Grow Like a Pro!

Omni Tree Service offers consultations with a certified arborist who can outline an environmentally friendly and cost-effective plan for plant health care to keep your trees at their best.

This plan may include custom-blended fertilizers, injections, sprays, and other proactive plant health care treatments to maintain your trees’ beauty and health.

Common Tree Problems

Some of the most common yet preventable tree problems in Missouri are caused by:

With proper preventative and curative care, these problems can and should be addressed to save expenses and even the life of the tree. In fact, prevention and early treatment can also keep these problems from spreading to nearby trees and shrubs.

Plant Health Care Treatments

Just like when you are sick, your trees show telltale signs when tree health is not at its best. An Omni Tree Service certified arborist will properly diagnose and form a plan to treat your trees. This can include the application of sprays and/or injecting your trees with specially formulated treatments to stop infestations and halt common tree diseases.

For best results, the treatment of trees should begin before trees become infested. Insecticide treatments must be repeated to maintain the health of trees. There are many factors that determine if a tree can be treated or if it should simply be removed including the age, size, and extent of damage. One of our certified arborists can inspect your trees and help you decide if your trees can be treated.

To determine your tree’s diameter breast height (DBH):

  1. Measure the tree’s circumference in inches, about 4 feet above the soil line
  2. Divide the circumference by pi, (3.14)

Treatments that Omni Tree Service offer include:

  • Emerald Ash Borer Treatment
    • TREE-äge injected every 2 years
    • Kills adults and young larvae when applied early
  • Oak Gall Treatment
    • TREE-äge injected every 2 years
    • Kills adults and young larvae when applied early
  • Growth Regulator – Cambistat Treatment
    • Repeated every 3 years
  • Spring Fertilization
    • The best time to fertilize for beautiful trees
  • Dormant Oil
    • Used to smother overwintering insects
  • Foliar Spray
    • A fast and effective way to address nutrient deficiencies and unwanted pest

Residential Tree Service St. Louis, MO

Omni Tree Service offers a full spectrum of tree and plant health care services in the St. Louis area, from tree trimming and removal to proactive and curative plant health care. Our goal is to keep St. Louis trees healthy and strong. Let us help with all of your plant health care needs!

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